>2016 Fundraiser The Hope for Heather Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that is committed to helping young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a breast cancer related illness. The Hope for Heather Foundation was founded in 2010 and is focused on providing the following to breast cancer survivors and their families:Comfort – a forum where young women and their families can make their needs known, voice their concerns, and vent their frustrations;

Guidance – a website where young women and their families can go to find and share resources, problems/solutions, and true life information specific to being a young breast cancer survivor or family member;

Support – a network of survivors with their families, creating a large chain of people who have been touched in some way by breast cancer and/or a breast cancer related illness;

Sustenance – assistance programs that offer help, in a variety of ways, to young breast cancer survivors and their families. The Hope for Heather Foundation has set-up three assistance programs devoted to helping young women with their “everyday” needs during all stages of treatment.

While helping young women in their current struggle with breast cancer is the main focus of the Hope for Heather Foundation, the foundation is also dedicated to increasing breast cancer awareness at all ages by:

**Sharing information with the administrative and legislative branch of state, county and local governments regarding breast cancer and other cancer related illness awareness, plights, needs, and the struggles of individuals fighting the disease.

**Providing services and assistance to other nonprofit organizations to help them carry out their missions.